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2019 SEC Media Days Recap: Day 2

SEC Media Days has returned to Hoover! But not for long. The 2019 version of SEC Media Days has begun and as always, there are things to talk about. Each day, we’ll be recapping the biggest news and notes from SEC Media Days.

Day 2:

The SEC Coordinator of Officials Steve Shaw kicked off Day 2 of SEC Media Days with the announcement of rule changes for the upcoming season.

As Shaw stated, this is an “off year” for rule changes which means the only rule changes that would be considered are rules that pertain to player safety. Below are the rule changes Steve Shaw discussed Tuesday morning:

  • All three elements of targeting must be present and be confirmed (lead with the crown of the helmet, on a defenseless player, with forcible contact.) There can no longer be a “call stands” only an overturn or “call confirmed.”

  • If a player is called for targeting three times in a season, he will be suspended for the remainder of the current game, and one additional game.

  • There are no more two man wedges allowed. If a player lines up shoulder to shoulder with another teammate then it will be a live ball personal foul call (cannot be called on a touchback)

  • After four overtimes, teams will go straight to a two point conversion play. No more 25 yard fields after the fourth overtime.

  • Blindside blocks are now personal fouls. Any time when a player is hit from outside of their field of vision, it will be called a foul.

  • The replay official will now be from the same conference as the on-field officials. The officiating assignments will now be given out as one assignment including both on-field officials and the replay official.

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart was asked why George Pickens ultimately decided to go to Georgia over Auburn. Here was his response: “He’s a kid we recruited throughout the whole process. He came over to our place for several football games. He knew what he wanted. He knew what style of offense he wanted to play in. He saw an opportunity when he saw two guys declare early for the draft in Mecole and Riley and Terry Godwin leave and then Issac Nauta, there was a lot of touches available, and I know he wanted to have an opportunity to play with a quarterback like Jake Fromm.”

Jeremy Pruitt was not particularly in the mood for questions. Pruitt’s opening soliloquy lasted 21 of the allotted 30 minutes, giving reporters under ten minutes to fire off questions. For reference, typically coaches take five to ten minutes for their opening statement and reporters have a good block of time for questions, but Pruitt wasn’t feeling that.

Jimbo Fisher offered good commentary on transfers and the transfer portal.

Photo By: Todd Kirkland | Associated Press

"The thing about it is, I think you have to get consistency on how you rule things and when guys are eligible or not eligible and all of that…Guys transfer all of the time. There’s no disrespect or anything in transfers because guys’ situations change and all of that happens, but you have to have a set of rules for this.”

Fisher continued later in the press conference, “It’s like my father always told me: if you’re changing or leaving, tell me why; give me a good reason, not because “I feel like it.” And, two, what’s the plan on the other end?”

That will do it for day two of SEC Media Days 2019, follow SportsCall throughout the week for more coverage from Hoover.

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