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SportsCall Monthly Predictions: July 2019

We're predicting how certain sporting events and stories will play out over the next month and seeing how accurate our staff is at the conclusion of the month. Here are the predictions for July 2019!

1. How many hits do Braves players combine for at the MLB All Star Game in Cleveland?

Bill Bailey: 3 hits

Brooks Childress: 3 hits

Jovan Cutler: 3 hits

Jay Douglas: 3 hits

JJ Jackson: 2 hits

Ryan Lavoie: 1 hit

Christian Page: 2 hits

Tom Peavy: 2 hits

2. How many total home runs will be hit in the 2019 Home Run Derby? (Closest guess will get this point)

Bill Bailey: 178 homers

Brooks Childress: 232 homers

Jovan Cutler: 215 homers

Jay Douglas: 235 homers

JJ Jackson: 207 homers

Ryan Lavoie: 200 homers

Christian Page: 192 homers

Tom Peavy: 200 homers

3. Which Atlanta Braves starting pitcher will have the most wins in July?

Bill Bailey: Dallas Keuchel

Brooks Childress: Dallas Keuchel

Jovan Cutler: Mike Soroka

Jay Douglas: Mike Soroka

JJ Jackson: Max Fried

Ryan Lavoie: Dallas Keuchel

Christian Page: Julio Teheran

Tom Peavy: Mike Soroka

4. Who will win Best Male Athlete at this year's ESPYs? (Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mookie Betts, Brooks Koepka, and Patrick Mahomes are the finalists)

Bill Bailey: Patrick Mahomes

Brooks Childress: Patrick Mahomes

Jovan Cutler: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Jay Douglas: Patrick Mahomes

JJ Jackson: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Ryan Lavoie: Brooks Koepka

Christian Page: Patrick Mahomes

Tom Peavy: Patrick Mahomes

5. Who will win the men's 2019 Wimbledon Championship?

Bill Bailey: Novak Djokovic

Brooks Childress: Novak Djokovic

Jovan Cutler: Rafael Nadal

Jay Douglas: Roger Federer

JJ Jackson: Rafael Nadal

Ryan Lavoie: Novak Djokovic

Christian Page: Novak Djokovic

Tom Peavy: Novak Djokovic

6. Who will win the women's 2019 Wimbledon Championship?

Bill Bailey: Ashleigh Barty

Brooks Childress: Serena Williams

Jovan Cutler: Naomi Osaka

Jay Douglas: Angelique Kerber

JJ Jackson: Serena Williams

Ryan Lavoie: Petra Kvitová

Christian Page: Karolína Plíškovâ

Tom Peavy: Ashleigh Barty

7. What will be the winning score to par at The Open Championship? (Closest guess will get this point)

Bill Bailey: -12

Brooks Childress: -17

Jovan Cutler: -10

Jay Douglas: -13

JJ Jackson: -8

Ryan Lavoie: -15

Christian Page: -9

Tom Peavy: -13

8. What will Zion Williamson's scoring average be in the NBA Summer League for the New Orleans Pelicans? (Closest guess will get this point)

Bill Bailey: 16.7 points per game

Brooks Childress: 24 points per game

Jovan Cutler: 19.5 points per game

Jay Douglas: 22 points per game

JJ Jackson: 17.4 points per game

Ryan Lavoie: 16.3 points per game

Christian Page: 13.5 points per game

Tom Peavy: 16 points per game

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