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SportsCall Monthly Predictions: June 2019

We're predicting how certain sporting events and stories will play out over the next month and seeing how accurate our staff is at the conclusion of the month. Here are the predictions for June 2019!

1. How many SEC teams will be playing in the College World Series in Omaha?

Bill Bailey: 4

Brooks Childress: 4

Jovan Cutler: 3

Jay Douglas: 3

JJ Jackson: 4

Ryan Lavoie: 3

Christian Page: 3

Tom Peavy: 3

2. Who will win MVP of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors?

Bill Bailey: Stephen Curry

Brooks Childress: Stephen Curry

Jovan Cutler: Stephen Curry

Jay Douglas: Kawhi Leonard

JJ Jackson: Stephen Curry

Ryan Lavoie: Stephen Curry

Christian Page: Stephen Curry

Tom Peavy: Stephen Curry

3. Which of the Top 5 golfers, according to the World Golf Rankings on June 1st, will have the best finish in the 119th U.S. Open at Pebble Beach?

Bill Bailey: Brooks Koepka

Brooks Childress: Brooks Koepka

Jovan Cutler: Dustin Johnson

Jay Douglas: Rory McIlroy

JJ Jackson: Tiger Woods

Ryan Lavoie: Brooks Koepka

Christian Page: Dustin Johnson

Tom Peavy: Brooks Koepka

4. Who on the Atlanta Braves will hit the most home runs in the month of June?

Bill Bailey: Freddie Freeman

Brooks Childress: Freddie Freeman

Jovan Cutler: Ronald Acuna Jr.

Jay Douglas: Dansby Swanson

JJ Jackson: Ronald Acuna Jr.

Ryan Lavoie: Freddie Freeman

Christian Page: Freddie Freeman

Tom Peavy: Freddie Freeman

5. How many Atlanta Braves will make the National League All Star team?

Bill Bailey: 3

Brooks Childress: 4

Jovan Cutler: 3

Jay Douglas: 2

JJ Jackson: 3

Ryan Lavoie: 4

Christian Page: 2

Tom Peavy: 2

6. Which MLB team will have the most All Star selections for the 2019 All Star Game in Cleveland?

Bill Bailey: Los Angeles Dodgers

Brooks Childress: Houston Astros

Jovan Cutler: Houston Astros

Jay Douglas: Chicago Cubs

JJ Jackson: Houston Astros

Ryan Lavoie: Los Angeles Dodgers

Christian Page: Houston Astros

Tom Peavy: Houston Astros

7. How many freshmen will be lottery picks in the 2019 NBA Draft?

Bill Bailey: 7

Brooks Childress: 6

Jovan Cutler: 7

Jay Douglas: 6

JJ Jackson: 7

Ryan Lavoie: 9

Christian Page: 7

Tom Peavy: 6

8. Which Division I men's basketball conference will have the most players selected in the 2019 NBA Draft?

Bill Bailey: ACC

Brooks Childress: Tie between ACC and SEC

Jovan Cutler: ACC

Jay Douglas: ACC

JJ Jackson: ACC

Ryan Lavoie: ACC

Christian Page: ACC

Tom Peavy: ACC

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