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SportsCall Monthly Predictions: May 2019

We're predicting how certain sporting events and stories will play out over the next month and seeing how accurate our staff is at the conclusion of the month. Here are the predictions for May 2019!

1. What will the Braves team ERA be on the morning of June 1st, 2019? (Closest guess will get the point)

Bill Bailey: 5.21 ERA

Brooks Childress: 4.98 ERA

Jay Douglas: 4.50 ERA

JJ Jackson: 4.07 ERA

Ryan Lavoie: 4.52 ERA

Christian Page: 4.75 ERA

Tom Peavy: 5.03 ERA

2. Which MLB team will have the most wins on the morning of June 1st, 2019?

Bill Bailey: Houston Astros

Brooks Childress: Los Angeles Dodgers

Jay Douglas: St. Louis Cardinals

JJ Jackson: New York Yankees

Ryan Lavoie: Houston Astros

Christian Page: St. Louis Cardinals

Tom Peavy: Philadelphia Phillies

3. Which Auburn softball player will have the most hits during the month of May?

Bill Bailey: Casey McCrackin

Brooks Childress: Tannon Snow

Jay Douglas: Taylon Snow

JJ Jackson: Casey McCrackin

Ryan Lavoie: Casey McCrackin

Christian Page: Taylon Snow

Tom Peavy: Kendall Veach

4. Which NHL team will score the most goals in May?

Bill Bailey: Columbus Blue Jackets

Brooks Childress: Boston Bruins

Jay Douglas: Boston Bruins

JJ Jackson: Colorado Avalanche

Ryan Lavoie: Boston Bruins

Christian Page: San Jose Sharks

Tom Peavy: San Jose Sharks

5. How many games will Auburn baseball win in May?

Bill Bailey: 4 wins

Brooks Childress: 9 wins

Jay Douglas: 11 wins

JJ Jackson: 8 wins

Ryan Lavoie: 7 wins

Christian Page: 6 wins

Tom Peavy: 9 wins

6. Which NBA player will score the most total points in the playoffs in May?

Bill Bailey: Kevin Durant

Brooks Childress: James Harden

Jay Douglas: Kevin Durant

JJ Jackson: Kevin Durant

Ryan Lavoie: Kevin Durant

Christian Page: Kevin Durant

Tom Peavy: Stephen Curry

7. Who wins the 2019 Kentucky Derby?

Bill Bailey: Improbable

Brooks Childress: Game Winner

Jay Douglas: Tacitus

JJ Jackson: Win Win Win

Ryan Lavoie: Game Winner

Christian Page: Tacitus

Tom Peavy: Game Winner

8. Where will Tiger Woods finish in the 2019 PGA Championship?

Bill Bailey: Tied for 28th place

Brooks Childress: Tied for 5th place

Jay Douglas: 5th place

JJ Jackson: 4th place

Ryan Lavoie: Tied for 12th place

Christian Page: Tied for 10th place

Tom Peavy: 15th place

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