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SportsCall Monthly Predictions: February 2019

We're starting a new segment titled "SportsCall Monthly Predictions" today. We're predicting how certain sporting events and stories will play out over the next month and seeing how accurate our staff is at the conclusion of the month. Here are predictions for February 2019!

1. Which SEC men's basketball team will win the most games in the month of February?

  • Bill Bailey: Kentucky

  • Brooks Childress: Tennessee

  • Jay Douglas: Tennessee

  • Noah Gardner: Kentucky

  • JJ Jackson: Kentucky

  • Ryan Lavoie: Tennessee

  • Christian Page: Tennessee

  • Tom Peavy: Kentucky

2. What MLB team does Bryce Harper sign with in February?

  • Bill Bailey: Philadelphia Phillies

  • Brooks Childress: Philadelphia Phillies

  • Jay Douglas: Philadelphia Phillies

  • Noah Gardner: Philadelphia Phillies

  • JJ Jackson: New York Yankees

  • Ryan Lavoie: Philadelphia Phillies

  • Christian Page: Philadelphia Phillies

  • Tom Peavy: Philadelphia Phillies

3. What MLB team does Manny Machado sign with in February?

  • Bill Bailey: Nobody

  • Brooks Childress: New York Yankees

  • Jay Douglas: Milwaukee Brewers

  • Noah Gardner: Chicago White Sox

  • JJ Jackson: Chicago White Sox

  • Ryan Lavoie: Chicago White Sox

  • Christian Page: San Diego Padres

  • Tom Peavy: Chicago White Sox

4. What MLB team does Craig Kimbrel sign with in February?

  • Bill Bailey: Minnesota Twins

  • Brooks Childress: Boston Red Sox

  • Jay Douglas: Atlanta Braves

  • Noah Gardner: Boston Red Sox

  • JJ Jackson: Atlanta Braves

  • Ryan Lavoie: Minnesota Twins

  • Christian Page: Boston Red Sox

  • Tom Peavy: Boston Red Sox

5. How much money combined will Harper, Machado and Kimbrel sign for?

  • Bill Bailey: $323 million

  • Brooks Childress: $800 million

  • Jay Douglas: $535 million

  • Noah Gardner: $560 million

  • JJ Jackson: $535 million

  • Ryan Lavoie: $478 million

  • Christian Page: $310 million

  • Tom Peavy: $600 million

6. How many total points will be scored in the 2019 NBA All Star Game?

  • Bill Bailey: 274 total points

  • Brooks Childress: 230 total points

  • Jay Douglas: 358 total points

  • Noah Gardner: 322 total points

  • JJ Jackson: 303 total points

  • Ryan Lavoie: 323 total points

  • Christian Page: 355 total points

  • Tom Peavy: 370 total points

7. What will be the most memorable moment in Super Bowl 53?

  • Bill Bailey: Ndamukong Suh is the 2nd ever person to be ejected from the Super Bowl, the first for giving the Rikishi "stink face" to Brady.

  • Brooks Childress: Sony Michel game winning TD reception.

  • Jay Douglas: Jared Goff throwing game winning TD. Aaron Donald winning MVP.

  • Noah Gardner: Maroon 5 plays "Sweet Victory" in honor of Stephen Hillenburgh.

  • JJ Jackson: Rob Gronkowski dancing on the podium after winning Super Bowl 53.

  • Ryan Lavoie: Robey-Coleman allowing the game winning TD after trash talking Brady.

  • Christian Page: A fat guy touchdown (preferably Ndamukong Suh in a twist).

  • Tom Peavy: Tom Brady game-winning drive with under 2 minutes to play.

8. Where will Auburn men's basketball be ranked in the AP Poll on March 1st? (Imagine that the poll extends past 25 teams if you need to. For example: due to the points received by AP voters, Auburn is currently ranked No. 26 on Feb. 1, 2019)

  • Bill Bailey: No. 47

  • Brooks Childress: No. 23

  • Jay Douglas: No. 19

  • Noah Gardner: No. 23

  • JJ Jackson: No. 16

  • Ryan Lavoie: No. 22

  • Christian Page: No. 32

  • Tom Peavy: No. 30

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