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Master of All: A look at Auburn's Most Versatile Lineman, Austin Golson

Austin Golson (Photo: Auburn Athletics/Wade Rackley)

Injury has been prevalent for Auburn Football throughout the 2017 season, mostly on the offensive line.

In seven games, Auburn has showcased four different offensive line combinations. In all the shuffling, one thing is certain... Austin Golson will always be in the mix.

The Prattville native began the season as the starting center, and stayed there until right tackle Darius James left the game against Mercer with an injury, forcing Golson to fill the gap. Since the Mercer game, Golson has started at every position on the line, except right guard.

"That's one of the positives about my game, I am able to do that," said Golson on his ability to play anywhere on the offensive line.

Despite the constant shifting, Golson says that he is a confident player, and can play at a high-level wherever he is needed.

"Sometimes it can be challenging, but at the end of the day, I am here to do what's best for the team. It's part of my role for this team."

With moving around, and seeing so many others slide into new roles, does that create a sense of uncertainty with Golson?

"Last week, we had to start our fifth (o-line lineup of the season) against Arkansas. Obviously, we did a pretty good job. I feel very confident in whatever line we have to go with."

In October 21's win over Arkansas, Auburn's offense gained 629 total yards and was not sacked. How important is it that so many players are gaining experience ahead of one of the toughest "amen corners" in Auburn history?

"It's good for us moving forward, because we play in a tough conference. You're going to need some guys that are ready to step in when their name is called."

As far as preference, Golson says that he does not have a favorite position. He states that he has more experience at tackle and center, but they are neck-and-neck as far as where he enjoys playing the most. His least favorite? right guard. Only because that is the only spot on the line that he has not started.

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