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Auburn Sports Network Announces 24-hour TuneIn Channel

A first in college sports broadcasting, the Auburn Sports Network announced Wednesday that their TuneIn Radio channel will provide fans content on a 24-hour basis, whenever a live sporting event is not on the air, beginning Monday, July 24 at noon central. Brad Law, assistant director of broadcast operations for the Auburn Sports Network, joined Sportscall on Wednesday to break the news, stating that the network is preparing for the future. “Digital technology, the streaming age, the podcast age, and the on-demand age are upon us. Auburn will become the first school to offer a 24-7, 365 content stream via our TuneIn channel that is scheduled, and promoted with a purpose, so that Auburn fans, at any time, can open up the TuneIn app, or go to the website, and hear maybe a podcast, maybe an old game, maybe a newer-older game. It’s 24-7, 365 Auburn audio content.” Whether it be Jim Fyffe’s call of the 1989 Iron Bowl, the first time ever at Jordan-Hare Stadium, or an episode of “Auburn Athletics Today” with Andy Burcham where he interviews your favorite Auburn athletics coach on a weekly basis, the new service has something for every Auburn fan, young and old, to enjoy. When talking about the idea, Law mentioned that there was not a place where fans could listen to an old broadcast at their convenience. After the idea was presented, many parties believed that this service was needed, and worked to make this idea a reality. “It was a process. It was asking our friends at TuneIn what we can do, what’s possible, what’s not possible but maybe possible in the future. It was working with some of the folks in the archives department, and finding the games that we wanted to pull, and coordinating that and putting in the hours to edit and produce the files.” Beginning Monday, July 24, Auburn fans can hear content from the Auburn Sports Network on their exclusive TuneIn Radio channel. To access this feature, open the App Store or Google Play store on your mobile device, search “TuneIn”, and download the app. Once downloaded, open the app and search “Auburn Sports Network”, and save to your favorite stations. You can also access this service on your computer via For more information on programming, be sure to follow Auburn Sports Network on twitter (@AUSportsNetwork) and Rod Bramblett (@voiceofautigers).

Listen to live Auburn Sports Network broadcasts on WTGZ Tiger 93.9 and WQSI FM Talk 95.9 all season long.

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