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Florida's Walton Issues Apology following Incident With Fagan

Haley Fagan (Photo: Auburn Athletics/Dakota Sumpter)

Kaylee Carlson and the Auburn Tigers were one out away from avoiding a sweep from the number one ranked Florida Gators on Monday night. Carlson hurled a 1-1 pitch to the Gators leadoff hitter Amanda Lorenz, who then lined the pitch off of Carlson’s ankles. Carlson tossed to first, ending the game.

Just as the curtain was dropping on the series between two top-five teams, one final scene was played out.

During the traditional post-game handshake, SEC Network cameras picked up Auburn shortstop Haley Fagan shouting at who appeared to be Florida Head Coach Tim Walton. Once the broadcast crew made the discovery, another camera feed began showing the action that commenced the altercation:

On Tuesday morning, Head Coach Tim Walton issued an apology to Fagan.

Photo: @GatorsSB on Twitter

While the actual reasoning behind the confrontation has yet to be told, an incident from 2012 may have had something to do with it.

According to, three players were suspended, and later transferred from Coach Walton’s team prior to the 2012 NCAA Regional played in Gainesville, each having a tie to Fagan or the Auburn Softball Program. Sami Fagan, Kasey Fagan, and Cheyenne Coyle each departed the program following a reported altercation. Kasey and Sami are Haley’s sisters, while Coyle currently serves as a graduate assistant for Coach Clint Myers’ staff, alongside Kasey. Each player completed their playing days at other programs, each having successful careers.

At this time, neither Auburn nor Haley Fagan has issued a public statement regarding the incident.

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