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WINGS To Hold Open House Event

Auburn Athletics’ WINGS program will host an open house event to raise awareness on ways to support women’s athletics on Sunday, October 23 at 1:30 p.m. at the Auburn Arena Scholarship Terrace. The event will feature tours of the women’s basketball and volleyball locker rooms, and a short presentation. Fans interested in learning how they can support Auburn’s female student athletes are encouraged to attend.

Over the past decade, WINGS has implemented initiatives to help support Auburn women’s sports, which include fall and spring kickoff events, and mentoring and career nights.

“Today's student athletes speak to our hearts as they fulfill their dreams and often ours, too,” said WINGS member Susan Housel. “Do you remember running a race with friends or shooting a basketball while playing half-court? Have you watched a sister or granddaughter turn flips, swim laps, run bases or kick a goal?

“Every female athlete at Auburn University is connected to someone who has encouraged her and shared her dreams of competing at the college level and of winning at every opportunity,” Housel continued. “WINGS allows us to support the programs that honor our memories while enhancing the opportunities for today's young women to experience success.”

Auburn’s women’s programs have achieved great success including a National Championship for equestrian and the best finishes in history by soccer, softball and women’s tennis.

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