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It's All About Execution

Auburn Wide Receiver Darius Slayton (Photo: Auburn Athletics/Dakota Sumpter)

“Nobody likes to lose”

That was the answer that red shirt freshman wide receiver Darius Slayton gave to the media on Tuesday when asked about how the players are handling the current situation of being 1-2, and having many chances to win both games.

“These two losses, they stung. We could have played better.”

Despite feeling like the team could have played better, Slayton attempted to reassure fans on Tuesday, that this team is still fighting, and that they are “together” in this fight.

“I still feel like we are in a really good spot. We are on a good path. I feel like these two losses can potentially fuel us heading into the future.”

Fellow receiver, Marcus Davis, said that the team’s bond goes all the way back to off season workouts.

“That’s really when you find out who you are going to be, and how you handle adversity.” Davis said of off season workouts. “This adversity that we are facing now reverts back to that. We are trying to stay afloat and try to be there for each other in such a tough time.”

Davis believes that this team can improve. All that needs to improve, is execution. Slayton hit on that further.

“If you look at the two losses we took, they weren’t major blowout losses. I do feel like we were just a few steps away. Maybe a play here or there away, from really breaking loose. We will do nothing but improve from this point forward.”

Looking ahead to this weekend's game against LSU, one of Slayton’s recruiters, Dameyune Craig, will be on the opposing sidelines. Slayton enjoyed playing under Craig, because of the way that his emotional leadership kept them focused. He said the he and Craig built a bond through recruiting, and that he felt sad when he discovered that Craig was leaving. But, they remain in good spirits, and he even talks with him on occasion.

Photo: Marcus Davis (80) (Photo: Getty Images/Kevin C. Cox)

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