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Auburn Asks Fans to "Stripe the Stadium" on Saturday

Auburn Fans "Striped the Stadium" last season during the Ole Miss game. (Photo: Auburn Athletics)

Auburn faces the 17th-ranked team in the nation on Saturday, the Texas A&M Aggies.

With the game being of this caliber, Auburn University has asked for fans attending the game, to “stripe the stadium.” Striping the stadium is a trend that continues to grow in college football. Schools such as West Virginia, Iowa, Oklahoma, Michigan State, and Penn State have all taken part in this, with much success. The University of Tennessee has also tried this, but with a more traditional spin, by “checkering the stadium” to resemble the iconic checkerboard-style end zone design.

Auburn first tried this in 2015 during the Ole Miss game. The colors alternated from blue to orange from section-to-section, which made for fabulous photos.

Fans have been called upon to do the same for the Texas A&M game this Saturday. Are you going to the game, but are not sure which color to wear? Here is a diagram below, thanks to Auburn Athletics.

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