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Carlson, Hastings prove that "Kickers Are People Too"

Auburn Kicker Daniel Carlson after scoring a touchdown against Arkansas State (Photo: Auburn Athletics/Dakota Sumpter)

Junior Daniel Carlson is coming off a performance that many kickers dream of. A game where he scored 21 points in the win over Arkansas State. Six of those points coming off of a fake field goal, which went for a touchdown.

“I’ve tried to convince them (the coaches) that I could do it. I guess they finally trusted me. I was excited about that.” Carlson said of the fake field goal play in the second quarter.

When the play was called, and it actually began to form, he had no doubt that he would score.

“Once I saw the end zone, I was pretty sure that I was going to get there. It was real exciting.”

Overall, Saturday was a great day to be an Auburn Kicker. Not only did Carlson earn SEC special teams player of the week honors for his performance, but walk-on kicker-turned-receiver Will Hastings also caught his first touchdown pass as an Auburn Tiger. Hastings said that Carlson kept him honest, and reminded him who accomplished the feat first.

“After I scored, Daniel goes “now remember, I scored before you.” said Hastings following the game on Saturday.

Even though Carlson gives Hastings a hard time, he is impressed with his athleticism. “He’s a decent kicker.” Carlson said of Will Hastings, “He’s focused more on receiver, because that is where he is going to be able to help the team a lot. He’s an incredible athlete.” Carlson did say that he believes that he is better at executing onside kicks that Hastings, solely because he has had more time to practice.

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